Transformations of Urbanising Delta Landscape

Transformations of Urbanising Delta Landscape

By Chen Kun Chung

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  • Release Date: 2015-03-01
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  • Author: Chen Kun Chung
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Transformations of Urbanising Delta Landscape Details

This book argues that the floods following extreme precipitation result not only from very heavy rainfall but also from the significant impact of human activities on natural water systems. While most literature emphasises that the increasing magnitude of storm rainfall extends beyond the original protection standards of hydrologic facilities in highly populated delta cities. Based on the knowledge of urban morphology, this study analyses how human systems have affected the transformation of natural water processes in the Kaoping River Delta. The relationship between human environments and natural landscape is illustrated via a 3-layer analytical framework which consists of a natural landscape layer, an infrastructure layer and an occupation layer. This layer-based approach views landscapes as a whole system in which each element interacts with the others.

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