Drury Manor: Volume 1

Drury Manor: Volume 1

By George Esler

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  • Type: ebook
  • Release Date: 2014-07-03
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  • Author: George Esler
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Drury Manor: Volume 1 Details

Henry Crosson is only sixteen years old, but his entire life has just been turned upside down. After a tragic accident, his uncle Milton sends Henry to live at Drury Manor, a mysterious estate run by the eccentric Esau Drury. Almost immediately, Henry begins to suspect that things are not right in the cavernous old house. Esau's young son keeps speaking of the ghosts of dead orphans, even as the pitter patter of little feet keeps Henry up at night. A disembodied voice calls to him from the bottom of an old well. The elderly maid knows a little too much about him and his family. As the pieces begin to come together, Henry realizes that perhaps it was not an accident that drove him to Drury Manor after all. It seems an evil, ancient presence lurks there. And it has been waiting for him.

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