The City of Tomorrow: New Ways of Using and Sharing Real Estate

The City of Tomorrow: New Ways of Using and Sharing Real Estate

By Ingrid Nappi-Choulet

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  • Author: Ingrid Nappi-Choulet
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The City of Tomorrow: New Ways of Using and Sharing Real Estate Details

This second issue of the Cahiers de la Chaire Immobilier et Développement Durable reports on new uses and mixed uses of spaces in the contemporary city, and of real estate property itself. Through eighteen interviews with real estate thinkers and operators, it analyses the underlying ambition to benefit from better sharing of practices and uses for built-up areas in the city of the future. In today’s society the economic context is complicated, the pace of change continues to increase, and the importance of sustainable development is now a given: all these factors mean that sharing space and optimising its uses are powerful levers for improving the efficiency, sustainability and quality of our urban environments and our buildings. This complex, but essential, aim can be achieved by sharing property, with a view to creating value based on density of occupation and a mixed-use approach.

How can the concept of sharing property be adapted to offices, logistics and retail? How far is the digital revolution transforming relations between the generations, our relation to work and our workplaces themselves? From interior layout to city planning via the building, the block and the district, what are the most appropriate scales for inventing the shared city?

This publication was supported by the three partners of ESSEC’s Chair for Real Estate and Sustainable Development (Poste Immo, Foncière des Régions and BNP Paribas Real Estate), and MIPIM.

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