The Great Himalaya Trail Low Route, Nepal

The Great Himalaya Trail Low Route, Nepal

By Linda Bezemer &


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The Great Himalaya Trail Low Route, Nepal Details

The Great Himalaya Trail (GHT) is one of the longest and highest walking-trails in the world. 

In Nepal, trekkers can choose between the GHT High Route, winding through high mountain ranges and the GHT Low Route, also referred to as the cultural route. The Low Route goes mostly through the mid-hills between 1,500 and 2,500 m, passing through small villages, inhabited by Nepal’s various ethnic groups, with the snowcapped Himalaya at the horizon.

This guidebook describes the Low Route of the Great Himalaya Trail in Nepal, broken up into 11 packages, which can be done separately from each other. In the second half of the book you will find the travel experiences of the author, who hiked the trail in 2012 and 2013.

Detailed day by day itineraries, including directions

Information about accommodation and other tourism services along the way

Lots of practical information to prepare your trek

Information about health and safety during trekking

Practical tips for responsible trekking

Travel experiences of the author written during the trek

Maps of the treks

Made in Nepal 

For more information about the Great Himalaya Trail, please go to

The content of this book has been produced by The Great Himalaya Trail Development Programme under the coordination of SNV Nepal and has been financed by UK Aid.

The electronic publication of this multi-touch book has been produced by Chris Abbott.

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