North American Contraflow Masonry Heater Glossary of Terms

North American Contraflow Masonry Heater Glossary of Terms

By Marcus Flynn

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  • Author: Marcus Flynn
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North American Contraflow Masonry Heater Glossary of Terms Details

In regions where there is a long tradition of masonry heaters the local languages have an extensive vocabulary of terms associated with all aspects of building and operating. Masonry stoves are, in these regions, an integral part of every day life and culture, the base of many jokes and fairy tales.

On the American continent, masonry heating has a history of only a few decades, being introduced in the 1980s by A. Barden and H. Hyuttanan.

Since then the trade has developed slowly, there being less than 50 full time stove builders on the continent.

Consequently, English language terminology for the trade has been established by relatively few individuals and is still in the process of evolution.

Much of masonry heater terminology is taken from the long established refractory industry, particularly terms for materials.

This Glossary is a compilation of the most commonly used terms within the trade today. It is intended to accompany current and upcoming electronic literature from Pyromasse Publications.

This Glossary is produced in the form of an electronic pamphlet, and available without cost.

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