America’s Army #1 - Knowledge is Power

America’s Army #1 - Knowledge is Power

By M. Zachary Sherman, Mike Penick, J Brown & Marshall Dillion

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America’s Army #1 - Knowledge is Power Details

America's Army deploys to Czervenia.  President-General Adzic and his new Czervenian Army set upon a murderous campaign to destroy the neighboring Republic of the Ostregals. But the war is only the tip of the iceberg and sets in motion a mysterious plan to change the course of world power. Sergeant John Plaxco and his elite Long Range Surveillance Team conduct a critical recon mission and make an ominous discovery that could endanger the world. With new information in hand, will every American Soldier make it out alive?  Only strength and teamwork will make the difference in America's Army #1 Knowledge Is Power.

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