The Boogeyman (Myth)

The Boogeyman (Myth)

By Drac Von Stoller

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  • Release Date: 2012-09-24
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  • Author: Drac Von Stoller
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The Boogeyman (Myth) Details

Every night little Johnny would lie in his bed and read his favorite comic book series "The Boogeyman."

Johnny’s big sister Betty would tease him about his comic book on a daily basis, and say things like, "Johnny if you don't stop reading those stupid comic books the boogeyman is going to get you."

She would come in his room and yank the comic book out of his hands and throw it across the room. The more his sister tormented him, the more anger for his sister was mounting.
Finally one night as he was reading about the boogeyman his sister yanked the comic book out of his hands and started tearing the pages out of the comic book. She said as she was laughing "Sorry, Johnny, but it's for your own good."

Johnny replied, "I wish you were dead."

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