Death Island Lighthouse

Death Island Lighthouse

By Drac Von Stoller

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  • Release Date: 2012-08-02
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  • Author: Drac Von Stoller
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Death Island Lighthouse Details

Seth Harrington always dreamed of living in a mansion with an ocean front view. He knew that this dream would only be a dream if he didn't finish school and become a doctor. Seth was finishing up his last semester in college and his dream was closer to becoming a reality. Finally, his graduation day was here and as he walked across the stage and his diploma was placed in his hands, he said, "I made it, thank you so much," as he shook the President of the Colleges hand.

Seth's private practice was flourishing and now that he had enough money saved up, he took a couple weeks off from his practice to find his beautiful mansion with an ocean front view. He found his mansion, but as Seth was strolling through the mansion he noticed a note next to the telephone in the study. Being curious, he picked up the note and read it. The note said, "If you should be interested in purchasing the mansion call this number below. If you are wondering why food was left on the kitchen table and all the furniture was left behind, a death in the family kept me out of the country and would have been too expensive to ship all the furniture out of the country. The furniture stays along with the lighthouse. If you're serious about purchasing the mansion, just call the number below and I think we can work something out."

Seth was so excited that he didn't care if what he was reading was a lie. He wasn't about to let his dream slip out of his fingers. After discussing the purchase of the fully furnished mansion with the owner over the phone, Seth sat down on the couch trying to take in what had just happened and said to himself "Dreams really do come true." Seth's dream of a lifetime would come crashing down like a hurricane because of what was lurking inside the lighthouse. If Seth only knew the real truth, he would have just turned around in his car and let this dream fade in the waves.

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