The Great Conspiracy, Volume 2

The Great Conspiracy, Volume 2

By John Alexander Logan

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  • Release Date: 1886-12-26
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  • Author: John Alexander Logan
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The book is The great conspiracy Its Origin and History. THE 6th of November 1860 came and passed on the 7th the prevailing conviction that Lincoln would be elected had become a certainty and before the close of that day the fact had been heralded throughout the length and breadth of the Republic. While Congress was encouraging devotion to the Union and its Committees striving for some mode by which the impending perils might be averted without a wholesale surrender of all just principles, the South Carolina Convention met (December 17 1860) at Columbia, and after listening to inflammatory addresses by commissioners from the States of Alabama and Mississippi urging immediate and unconditional Secession unanimously and with tremendous cheering adopted a resolution That it is the opinion of the Convention that the State of South Carolina should forthwith Secede from the Federal Union known as the United States of America and then adjourned to meet at Charleston South Carolina.

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