Beautiful Cowboy

Beautiful Cowboy

By Alexa Davis & Alycia Taylor

  • Category: Western, Books, Romance, Suspense, Contemporary, Romantic Comedy
  • Type: ebook
  • Release Date: 2018-12-16
  • File Size: 463.44KB
  • Author: Alexa Davis & Alycia Taylor
  • App Ratings: 4/5 (98 App Reviews)

Score Ratings: 4
Based on 98 App Reviews

Beautiful Cowboy Details

Brady Maxwell is the complete opposite of a city boy. He lives in a small farming community in Buffalo, Wyoming, and does not feel the need to ever go outside it. He's works on a ranch and finds happiness in getting to work early and staying until late. 

When the owner of the ranch tells him that a movie is going to be shot on his ranch for an entire month, he's livid. The thought of rubbing shoulders with celebrities is not one that pleases him. When the film crew arrives, and he meets the leading lady, his convictions are amplified.

Sloan Hill is a typical New Yorker. She's tall, thin and impeccably dressed at all times. The thought of staying out in the middle of nowhere for an entire month is not one that pleases her, and the moment she meets Brady she has an instant dislike towards him. Brady feels the same way, a thought he doesn't try to hide. Brady is tasked with teaching Sloan how to become more of a cowgirl so that she can accurately portray it in the movie. Neither of them are happy with the situation, that is until Sloan finds that she's actually better at being a cowgirl than she thought she would be.

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