Learn How to Play Solitaire Card Games

Learn How to Play Solitaire Card Games

By Glowing Eye Games Ltd.

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  • Release Date: 2018-11-14
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Learn How to Play Solitaire Card Games Details

Rediscover the joy of playing cards!


Whether you’re a fan of solitaire or an intrigued newcomer looking to learn the ropes, this easy and comprehensive guide will take you through 9 classic games of solitaire. There’s no better way to train your brain and help you relax!


Dust off your deck and get playing! Unlock the conundrum of Spider Solitaire, uncover the fun of FreeCell without need of a computer and play round after round of Golf without having to go on the green. With straightforward instructions and expertly drawn illustrations, it’s never been easier to pick up the cards and play. There’s even solitaire-related trivia included! The whole book was tailor-made by a team of dedicated solitaire-lovers for your enjoyment.


Whether you’re at home or on holiday, playing alone or with a friend, these games will relax you when you grab a quiet moment. Shuffle, deal and play!

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