The Educational Aspect of Soft Power

The Educational Aspect of Soft Power

By Lewis McKinnon

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  • Author: Lewis McKinnon
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The Educational Aspect of Soft Power Details

Joseph Nye’s concept of soft power has benefitted from a great deal of attention in contemporary international relations, and has enjoyed a sustained period of research and analysis in the post-Cold War era. The globalisation of Higher Education (HE) has been one of the prominent outcomes of these increasing levels of interconnectedness the world over, and whilst a plethora of data and research exists regarding trends and predictions, less emphasis has been placed on the link between the state, an internationalised HE sector, and the subsequent political and economic effects. This has resulted in a shortcoming in international relations literature, and where there is evidence of analysis, there is a particular lacuna with regards to the British system despite it being host to the world’s longest established transnational education (TNE) institution and most reputable HE sector. This study will aim to operationalise and conceptualise the educational aspect of soft power, and demonstrate its prominent role in British international relations. I will argue that there are two distinct forms of educational soft power (Collaborative and Self-Serving), and exemplify the inherent political and economic issues that emerge as a result of misalignment between state bodies by using India, China, and the European Union (EU) as case studies. Ultimately, I will argue that Higher Education is such a critical element of British soft power that regardless of whether it is used as a tool for economic and political development, its roots have spread into almost all aspects of contemporary British international relations.

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