By Rebekah Dodson

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  • Release Date: 2018-06-24
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  • Author: Rebekah Dodson
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This is the start of my story. And it's one helluva saga.

The greatest adventure of my life started with a discovery in a history book by my sister, Jules. Don't let anyone fool you, this truly is all her fault. Well, not my Uncle Richard's death, but everything else.

Take our cousin's awesome car? Her idea.

Explore this ancient castle? Her idea.

Touch things that say don't touch? You guessed...

Guillaume Lanval! Do not blame the entire mess on me! I didn't send us to 1154 A.D. In France. And turn history on its head.

Well, we don't know we did that, Jules.

Want to know more? Open my pages. You know you want to.

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