Secret Desires Part 3

Secret Desires Part 3

By EJ Adams

  • Category: New Adult, Books, Romance, Contemporary
  • Type: ebook
  • Release Date: 2018-05-21
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  • Author: EJ Adams
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Secret Desires Part 3 Details

Jessica Nichols is left heartbroken and humiliated by Dylan Grant after they act on their secret desires for one another. She is determined to move on and forget that she ever met the bad boy billionaire. But when she is honest with herself, a piece of Jessica still longs for the Dylan Grant who swept her off her feet on Catalina Island.

Dylan is just as conflicted. Old habits are hard to break, but he was surprised at his feelings for Jessica. When Jessica discovers more about his sexual exploits and leaves him, Dylan must decide whether to let her go or take an even bigger step toward her. But before he can decide how he strongly he feels about Jessica, he must determine his true nature. Is he at heart the bad boy billionaire? Or does Dylan want more?

And what about Logan Price? After leaving Dylan, Jessica realizes the man she first desired is interested in her. Could Logan be the one?

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