By Melinda Minx

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  • Release Date: 2018-02-06
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  • Author: Melinda Minx
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Smolder Details

Guess who’s on the f*cking naughty list?

I live for three things: Hunting, fishing, and fighting. Once a SEAL, always a SEAL. But if there’s one thing I do best, it’s making women scream for more. 

Tough luck, because all they ever get is one night. 

But when Andrea winds up numb and freezing on my doorstep, I can’t keep my f*cking hands off her. I warm her up, from her full lips down to her long legs, and I don’t stop there. 

Then she’s gone in the morning, just the way I usually like it. But I can’t forget those gorgeous, lust-filled green eyes. 

When I see her again, some prick’s fingers are wrapped around her throat. Everything goes red.

The next thing I know, I’m in the back of a cop car. Some a*****e’s blood is on my hands, and the only way out of jail is a fake marriage to Andrea. But that’s not even the craziest part.

...I want to make her my wife, for real.

This is the first book in the Smolder Series, a full-length Navy SEAL romance with panty-soaking romance and a smoldering-hot bad boy. Christmasy happily ever after guaranteed by Melinda Minx.

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