Preparedness - Series No. 3 [PHDMUSA]

Preparedness - Series No. 3 [PHDMUSA]

By RB Roberts

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  • Author: RB Roberts
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“For sure, if preparedness is good enough for Brian Tracy and good enough for Oprah Winfrey, then, I guess it’s good enough for you! But my guess is worthless without you being thoroughly convinced that, for sure, there’s no better way to go!.“

"Preparedness" is really about you, as a U.S. private home decision maker, and your preparedness for truly making the best possible decisions, for the best possible contractors, for the best possible results. In this moment, we investigate reasons some private home heads in America today experience successful contract-related home projects on a regular basis, and why some either habitually "hit 'n' miss," or "miss" all together!

Most earnestly, the results you get with residential contractors are all premised on the degree to which you are prepared. Those who are unprepared are normally those who rely on "gut feelings," "good feelings," and on "mis-guided" religious sentiments. They rely on themselves without conferring with more informed sources and preparing in kind.

For emphasis, those who are the most prepared are invariably those who rely on the input of informed sources and they perfect their protocol consistent with that. They do no depend on how they feel, individually, about the people asking to work on their properties and in their homes. They have a "system" for scouting, selecting, and hiring contractors premised on the information and the guidance of sources well-versed in matters of contract-related home maintenance and improvement. Here, you will learn a bit more about whom these are.

PHDMUSA: Private Home Decision Makers U.S.A.

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