By Jeroen Steenbeeke

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  • Release Date: 2015-12-28
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  • Author: Jeroen Steenbeeke
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Repulsion Details

I used to think I was a pretty normal teenager: I got up in the morning, went to school, did my homework, played videogames, and dreamed about Karen—one of the girls in my class. When I found out she liked me, too, I thought I was the luckiest guy alive. But everything changed when we kissed. Something awakened inside of us, and now we know that we're not normal teenagers after all.
For a while I thought these powers were pretty amazing—I mean, who wouldn't want superpowers? But it stopped being fun when Karen started hearing a voice in her head. A voice that told her I was her enemy. A voice that could take control of her. A voice that was only the first glimpse of a world we never knew existed.

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