Albert's Wiggly Tooth

Albert's Wiggly Tooth

By Maxwell Grantly

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  • Type: ebook
  • Release Date: 2015-10-11
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  • Author: Maxwell Grantly
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Albert's Wiggly Tooth Details

Do you believe in the tooth fairy? Not many children do. Even the thirty-two young boys and girls at the New Babbage orphanage knew that Mr. Bagshaw, the resident housemaster, really took their old teeth and left a silver sixpence under their pillows. Even still, a whole sixpence is such a lot of money: you can buy so many sweets with just the one coin.

When Albert’s wiggly tooth fell out, he wondered what happened to it when he left it under his pillow. To his surprise, he discovered that Mr. Bagshaw was selling the children’s teeth to a local dentist, in order to build dentures for the elderly people in town.

Discover the crazy antics of what happened in church the following Sunday morning, when Albert discovered the identity of the new owner of the children’s missing teeth.

Like all stories from Maxwell Grantly, nothing ever goes to plan!

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